Five Questions To Ask Your Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer

16th July 2012
Custom plastic molding is a booming business for industries ranging from automobile manufacturers to the electronics and toy industries. While there are quite a few companies that provide a variety of production techniques, including injection molding, he... Read >

What Are Water Fed Pole Systems And What Are They Used For?

16th July 2012
Water fed poles are an incredibly clever, yet simply innovation that can be used in the window cleaning business or simply for the cleaning of your own windows. It used to be the case that in order to clean high level windows, a ladder and some guts wo... Read >

Coltan Price Reflects DRC's History Of Conflict

16th July 2012
On today's metals and ores market, the Coltan price is subject to a lot of speculation and periodic swings in value based on a number of problems that have dogged the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for generations. This destabilized area of Africa has... Read >

Cable Ties: Plastic versus Hook and Loop

16th January 2012
While plastic cable ties have been around since 1958 and hook and loop ties since the early 90ís, customers for these two different cable ties are still divided into two camps. The decision to purchase a plastic or hook and loop cable tie is influenced b... Read >

Construction of wooden doors

04th January 2012
The day of the traditional solid wooden doors is over. In only a couple of generations, the environment we live in has changed tremendously. Where our forefathers made up fires in individual rooms and took hot water bottles to bed with them, the modern ho... Read >